Diamond Craig is an Educational Consultant, Aspiring Physician, Speaker and Founder and President of PurposefullyPretty Inc.


Diamond Craig is an Educational Consultant, Aspiring Physician, Speaker and Founder and President of PurposefullyPretty Inc. She is a graduate of CUNY York College; with a dual degree in Biology and African American Studies. After graduating college, Diamond began to understand the importance of having a purpose. In a social media driven society, Diamond realized that many of her counterparts and the generations thereafter were putting more emphasis on their outward appearance and how they were looked at their peers. She desired for women to be more than just "pretty", but to understand the a pretty face with no substance is null and void. Hence PurposefullyPretty was birthed.In establishing PurposefullyPretty, Diamond and her team pride themselves on inspiring the young women apart to go confidently into the direction of their dreams. They also create avenues and opportunities to aid them in pursuing their purposes and making their dreams a reality.


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PurposefullyPretty Inc.

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#IAmPurposefullyPretty Workshop Series

8 week workshop series encourages and empowers young women to identify and pursue their purpose.

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"Diamond Craig is a true woman of purpose that is incredibly passionate about teaching and inspiring the next generation of leaders. In every space that she creates she aims to incubate, nurture and accelerate growth in those who seek fulfillment. Her efforts, with the relationships she's built with the young women in Purposefully Pretty are a true testament to her commitment and profound impact on others. I’ve never known Diamond to not answer the call of one of her girls (no matter the time of day) even if they’re just calling to have someone on the other line happily receive their brief hello, Diamond is always there. Diamond an absolute delight and I know if I ever need inspiration, she's just a call away."

Asha Boston